Feed barley

Barley is widely used for food, industrial and feed purposes, including brewing industry, in production of pearl and peeled barleys. Barley belongs to the most valuable concentrated animal feed because it contains complete protein, rich in starch


Barley is primarily used for malt and beer production, and secondarily used as animal feed. It is also used as food for human consumption and other uses like biofuel and algae control.

The most economically desirable use of barley is for the production of malt, the standards for which are quite stringent. Research institutions, both public and private, work closely with industry researchers and officials to ensure that proper quality standards are set and that barley used for malt meets these standards. These groups also work closely together to produce new barley varieties with favorable production characteristics and high quality for human and animal consumption. Barley that does not meet malt quality standards often is utilized as feed for livestock, although some barley is produced solely as feed for animals, either as a grain or hay forage. Barley is also a valuable food product for human consumption, and certain varieties are available which produce a high quality food product. Barley is also used in alternative settings such as for ethanol production for bio-fuels and for reducing algae in ponds and waterways.

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